Patch changelog

Dead simulator (SimRail is new, advanced railway simulator, from Poland)
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Patch changelog

Messaggio da Bremen » 29/01/2023, 8:57

Tanto tempo seguivo ogni singolo changelog delle patch per railsimulator ma poi smisi perchè, di correzioni al motore grafico, non ne facevano più e si limitavano a correggere le route a pagamento.

Stavolta potrebbe essere diverso. : Builder :
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Re: Patch changelog

Messaggio da Bremen » 29/01/2023, 8:58

Prima patch - 21.01.2023 - Fonte steam news RailSim

- load weight measuring fixed in multiplayer
- reverser is no longer set to neutral after taking control over ED250
- Timetable fixes at Opoczno Południe
- radio channels on Warszawa – Katowice route fixed
- auto radio channel selection fixed
- radio channels fixed
- displaying other players’ levels in TAB menu fixed
- fixed track occupation logic, causing AI dispatcher troubles after player leaving the server

- global issue with railway crossings fixed
- sprinkler effect at night fixed

- ED250 door closing animation fixed
- ED250 door sounds fixed
- ED250 lighting fixes
- headlight tooltip in ED250 fixed
- wall switches in ED250 fixed
- unit number in ED250 corrected
- train crew in ED250 finally has a place to seat
- destination board in ED250 fixed
- buttons on ED250’s radio are now placed correctly
- distance between axles in 111A car fixed
- various ET25 fixes
- ET25 texture mapping fixed
- ET25’s position relating to signals fixed
- ET25’s disappearing screens fixed
- bug causing radio buttons to disappear fixed
- EN76-006 decals fixed
- Traxx alerted fixed
- destination boards in TLK trains fixed

- travelator fixed at Warszawa Centralna
- Opoczno Południe radio model fixed
- AI car traffic fixes between Wolbrom and Charsznica
- fixed car behaviour on a viaduct between Biała Rawska and Szeligi
- SHP magnets added between Pruszków and Grodzisk
- ballast and foliage at Warszawa Włochy fixed
- Sosnowiec Porąbka station building fixed
- underpassage at Jaroszowiec Olkuski fixed
- fixed duplicate building between Jaroszowiec and Wolbrom
- AI car traffic on a bridge near Idzikowice fixed
- SHP magnets between Psary and Góra Wlodowska added
- fouling point at Idzikowice
- fixed floating or sinking passengers at the platforms
- catenary on line 447 fixed
- catenary at Ursus Niedźwiadek fixed
- level crossing signals (ToP) fixed
- crossing sign at Klimontów – position fixed
- high voltage sign in Pruszków – texture fixed
- floating road in Knapówka fixed
- trees colliding with the bridge between Pogoria and Ząbkowice clipped
- missing turntable at Łazy added
- „ooh” „bang” sounds in Sosnowiec fixed
- „bang” „ooh” sounds in Grodzisk Mazowiecki fixed
- „bang” „ooh” sounds in Brwinów removed
- floating road in Będzin fixed
- Lamp post on track in Parzniew removed
- Timetable fixes at Opoczno Południe
- Platform board at Milanówek fixed
- Information displays in Piastów fixed
- lawn mowed at Warszawa Zachodnia WKD platform
- Catenary at Warszawa Zachodnia fixed
- car next to Pilichowice signal box has collison box now
- bank between Zawiercie and Góra Włodowska fixed
- Catenary at Knapówka fixed
- lamp post on track in Pruszków removed
- grass on roads near Katowice – Sędziszów route removed
- bank near Dorota junction fixed
- Catenary and power signs in tunnel fixed
- truck trailers near Dąbrowa Górnicza reminded they’re not aircraft
- floating houses near Sędziszów fixed
- barrier at Opoczno Południowe fixed
- bank in Olkusz fixed
- tower at Pruszków fixed
- track color in Tunel fixed
- lawn mowed at Sędziszów station tracks
- gate deforestation at Knapówka complete
- Catenary at Wolbrom fixed
- Catenary at Dąbrowa Górnicza Wschodnia fixed
- Tall people can also use the door at Katowice Zawodzie signal box now
- automatic block signalling (SBL) between Szeligi and Biała Rawska fixed
- double shunt signal in Opoczno fixed
- Bridge position at Dorota station corrected
- repeater at Staszic station corrected
- speed limit at switches in Opoczno Południe corrected
- signal at Jaroszowiec fixed
- signal at Dorota fixed
- level crossing at Zawiercie fixed
- Station name at Milanówek fixed
- telephone at Psary fixed

- wrong entrance signal at Warszawa Centralna fixed
- Dąbrowa Górnicza overlap fixed
- fixed train routing at Włoszczowa Północ
- sound playing when interacting with dispatch computers removed
- occupation lights fixed in domino-panels
- train routing on track 118 in Zawiercie is possible now
- SZO4 button on domino-panel in Zawiercie is working now
- train routing at Psary corrected
- track number on Zawiercie’s domino-panel fixed

OTHER (Quelle veramente utili per tutti sono queste n.d Bremen):
- normalmaps on terrain textures corrected
- track glare after rain improved
- SUV car texturing fixed
- HUD now shows yellow signal if vNext <=90 (S5, S6)
- rotating camera flashes fixed
- improved grass look (diffusion profile support)
- updated DLSS library
- tree branches falling onto the track fixed
- added random size of trees
- lighting and tracks fixes at Warszawa Centralna
- fixed grass disappearing at certain camera angles
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Re: Patch changelog

Messaggio da Bremen » 29/01/2023, 9:02

Seconda patch - 29.01.2023 - Fonte steam news RailSim


-auto channel selection when passing a signal at auto-controlled station added
-passengers chasing their train in the air and sticking through the walls reminded about the fine, promised not to do it again
-chatbox bug when using mouse scroll fixed
-keys should no longer trigger their game functions when filing a report


-ED250 traction force display fixed
-ED250 keybinds fixed
-stronger glue applied to ET25 windshield
-cruise control improved in all vehicles
-dining car bug fixed
-ELF EMU railings fixed
-ET25 emergency brake logic fix
-ED250 emergancy brake logic fix
-speedometer needle jumping when stationary fixed
-ELF EMU spring brake fix
-keybinds now working both ways
-EU07 tacho sound when reversing fixed
-ELF EMU dashboard light fixed
-ED250 dashboard light fixed


-removed the rain that sometimes appeared in the Warszawa Centralna station
-block posts opened at Charsznica - Wolbrom and Wolbrom - Jaroszowiec Olkuski (L62)
-duplicate SHP track resonators at Warszawa Włochy removed
-trees growing at Dąbrowa Górnicza station pavement removed
-Będzin Ksawera shelter collisions fixed
-W4 sign at Wolbrom fixed
-bridge textures near Warszawa Centralna corrected
-floating stuff isn't floating anymore near small building at Katowice station
-W14 sign near Wolbrom now working correctly
-Warszawa Zachodnia signal box corrected
-vegetation in Góra Włodowska signal box trimmed
-catenary fixed at km 96.5 at CMK
-bank near Łazy station fixed
-boom-gates and level-crossing control units model fixes
-car traffic on the bridge near Katowice Janów fixed
-platform information boards at Warszawa Centralna fixed
-collisions added to Sędziszów station building
-collisions added to underground passage in Warszawa Station station
-trucks between Olkusz and Jaroszowiec also reminded they're not aircraft
-glass fixed in Katowice Szopienice platform building
-floating SBL signals near Żyrardów grounded
-Dąbrowa Górnicza Ząbkowice platform information boards fixed
-Katowice Szopienice platform information boards fixed
-floating megaphone at Warszawa Zachodnia fixed
-duplicate W6a sign at Pruszków fixed
-bridge at Warszawa Zachodnia fixed
-flying cars near Warszawa Zachodnia sent back to the future
-Warszawa Zachodnia platform collision fixed
-Jaktorów platform now available to non-flying people
-floating passengers at Sędziszów fixed
-passengers removed from underpasses at Katowice Szopienice
-ballast textures between Grodzisk Mazowiecki and Korytów corrected


-Dąbrowa Górnicza Wschodnia signal box now operating at correct radio channels
-fixed button name in Zawiercie signal box
-entering Sosnowiec Główny signal box won't cause Będzin signaller to be kicked from the game
-AI fixes at Dąbrowa Górnicza Strzemieszyce
-special characters in dispatcher's GUI now visible

OTHER - Queste sono quelle importanti.

-experience points should now be synchronised regardless of mission outcome
-added a penalty for driving past stop signal
-improved font handling, especially when using non-Latin characters
-improved TAA antialiasign
-general impoovments in scene lighting
-fixes in skyboxes model
-fixes in postprocessing profiles
-replaced wheat model
-fixed subsurface-scattering in tree models
-fixed LOD distances in tree models

-RAM usage optimisation

Giusto ieri ho scritto sul loro forum che la situazione col filtro TAA non fosse il massimo. Vedremo.
Il LOD delle piante era effettivamente orrido.
Il resto è da provare : Builder :
You and us, or I and them
There comes a time to take a stand
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Re: Patch changelog

Messaggio da Bremen » 06/02/2023, 8:59

Terza patch - 6/2/2023 - Questa è un po troppo simile a quelle di RW/TS...

Ecco perchè mancano update su questioni tecniche.
Update ""Today's patch is mainly focused on scenery fixes, due to the fact that some programmers are on vacation to recover from the hard work on the release of SimRail EA, but as you can see, we are constantly working on improvements for you.""


ED250 coupler model fixed ... ight-side/
Elf EMU model fixes
EU07 shunt lever animation fixed
ED250 keybinds fixed
ET25 TrackIR improvements ... -dragon-2/


ED250 coupler model fixed ... ight-side/
Elf EMU model fixes
EU07 shunt lever animation fixed
ED250 keybinds fixed
ET25 TrackIR improvements track underlay and buffer stop at Sędziszów fixed -
floating passengers at Sędziszów groundedęd ... sażerowie/
duplicate buildings between Jaroszowiec and Wolbrom fixed ... c-wolbrom/
Brwinów platform collision fixed ... je-peronu/
Sędziszów platform collision fixedęd ... -platform/
Jaktorów TOP position corrected ... aktorowem/
level crossing at Katowice fixed ... zejazdowe/
W3 signal at Dorota fixed ... w3-dorota/
distant signal at Dąbrowa Górnicza Huta Katowice fixed ... emafora-n/
level crossing at Dąbrowa Górnicza Huta Katowice fixedąb ... olejowego/
high voltage caution sign at Opoczno Południe fixed ... -południe/
catenary fixed at Warszawa Wschodnia
floating SBL signal at Jaktorów fixed ... -sbl-341n/
water body near Juliusz fixed ... c-juliusz/
W1 sign added near Pruszków ... BAnika-w1/
platofrom information signs at Grodzisk Mazowiecki fixed ... c-peron-2/
pure-hearted cyclist removed their bicycle from Sędziszów station buildingęd ... w-budynek/
duplicate station building at Łazy fixed ... t-lazy-la/
grass removed at Szeligi side tracks ... i-szeligi/ 😞
floating road at Warszawa Wschodnia station fixed ... aca-droga/
floating Warszawa Wschodnia station building fixed ... ek-dworca/
Warszawa Wschodnia platform 5 building collision fixed ... i-budynku/
duplicate building at Jaroszowiec Olkuski fixed ... c-olkuski/
fence collision at Opoczno Południe fixed ... a-peronie/
electric line crossing tracks between Kozłów and Starzyny fixed ... inia-km-7/
bridge model near Juliusz fixed ... r-juliusz/
grass removed from Dąbrowa Górnicza signal box ... 5%9Brodku/
W6 sign between Charsznica and Wolbrom corrected ... BAnik-w6b/
axle counters at Gajówka added ... czków-osi/
Warszawa Stadion catenary fixed ... -południe/
wrong W28 sign between Katowice and Katowice Zawodzie corrected ... o-channel/
missing track underlay added between Sosnowiec Dańdówka and Sosnowiec Południowy ... oludniowy/
Sędziszów depot model fixed
blinking ramp textures at Sędziszów fixed
Dąbrowa Górnicza Wschodnia platform texure fixed
ironworks building model at Dąbrowa Górnicza Wschodnia fixed
axle counters at Zarzecze added ... -i-puszek/
Warszawa Wschodnia terrain fixed ... wschodnia/
road near Opoczno Południe fixed ... 5%82udnie/
W6 signs added between Kozłów and Starzyny ... źników-w6/
catenary collision fixed at 127km at CMK
National Stadium model changed
traffic flow under bridge near Dąbrowa Górnicza Huta Katowice improved ... er-bridge/
signs near Dąbrowa Górnicza Południowa fixed ... wschodnia/
unnecessary We4 signs at Dąbrowa Górnicza Wschodnia and Psary removed ... er-dorota/
missing W8 sign at Katowice Zawodzie added ... iem-do-70/
missing W32 sign at Zawiercie added -trackir-camera-is-pitched-down-in-the-dragon-2/


Sosnowiec Południowy signal box now available with temporary computer equipment ... -sosn-r52/
Pilichowice computer desktop fixes
nonexistent derailer removed from Opoczno control computer ... ignal-box/


Koleje Mazowieckie Elf EMU now has the correct livery in the menu ... iniaturce/
spelling error in the main menu fixed ... C3%B3wnym/
Chinese language support added .
smoother tree transitions

L'unica informazione di tipo tecnico è il miglioramento delle transizioni delle piante. Avranno sistemato il LOD.
You and us, or I and them
There comes a time to take a stand
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Re: Patch changelog

Messaggio da Bremen » 19/02/2023, 9:16

Quarta patch - 19 febbraio 2023

Neanche ai primi tempi di Railsimulator andavano avanti cosi veloci, ed in quel caso avevano un simulatore monco.. : Chessygrin :

A parte alcuni commenti divertenti riguardanti tombe volanti e catenaria sistemata, non ci sono miglioramenti del motore grafico.
Hanno alcuni problemi con gli shader che devono ancora risolvere.

- ET25 sounds now audible to other players
- EN96 pantograph behavior when handing vehicle over to AI fixed
- voice chat disruptions after taking control from AI fixed
- server and player lists are now scrollable
- fixed a bug with AI not confirming the SHP after taking control

- TAB player list removed in single-player mode
- in-game report system fixed

- new EP08 loco added, available with ECE trains in multiplayer mode
- light bulbs installed in the EU07
- alerter test won't award points anymore
- even stronger glue applied to ET25 windshield (LOL - nd Bremen)
- in-cab audible environment sounds fixes
- EN96 AI behavior fixed - AI now uses only one pantograph
- EU07 boarding animation fixed
- "coupled operation" switch in EU07 now functional
- shunting lever now has smooth animation
- SHP pedal in EU07 now functional
- shunting lever keybind fixed
- controller sounds audible outside the cab fixed
- Traxx radio can now be turned off
- fixed a bug where player could get stuck in the ED250 corridor

- ballast fixed at Zawiercie and Warszawa Włochy
- bugged raindrops at Katowice station fixed
- floating road at Będzin fixed
- fixed a bug with cars becoming stuck at level crossings
- Katowice Janów and Psary power wires fixed
- fixed rain in tunnel near Tunel station
- automatic level-crossings improvements on the map
- fixed rain at Warszawa Centralna
- Warszawa Zachodnia platform markings fixed
- various mileage signs fixes throughout the map
- SBL signals fixes between Warszawa Włochy and Grodzisk Mazowiecki
- SHP magnets fixes near Warszawa Ursus
- Warszawa Stadion glass fixes
- Warszawa Wschodnia collision fixes
- signs fixes between Warszawa Włochy and Grodzisk Mazowiecki
- ambient sounds at Warszawa Centralna fixed
- grass mowed at many platforms and sidewalks throughout the map(LOL2 - nd Bremen)
- barriers at Wiesiółka fixed
- floating sign at Zawiercie Borowe Pole fixed
- terrain holes near Warszawa Centralna fixed
- W8, W9, W14 and D6 signs placement reviewed throughout the map
- static cars placement fixed in various places
- catenary outside the track axis and catenary gates inside the axis fixed in various places (Cosi il pantografo non ballerà a caso tra un palo e l'altro. nd Bremen)
- trees colliding with buildings in various places fixed
- asphalt platform texture fixed
- Katowice station collisions fixed
- parking spots at Bukowno improved
- floating clock at Katowice fixed
- signals submerged in the tunnel wall in Warsaw fixed
- lamp posts in a field near Biała Rawska removed
- Sosnowiec Dańdówka platform markings fixed
- 'We' signs throughout the map fixed
- Sędziów platform markings fixed
- Line 12 bridge at CMK tweaked to look more realistic
- floating graves in various cemeteries buried again ( : Eeek : : Builder :)
- underpass at Warszawa Ursus fixed
- fixed a bug with player getting stuck in various places on the map
- Warszawa Zachodnia buffer stops fixed
- Staszic signal D corrected

- dispatcher's telephone will now automatically hang up after leaving the post
- fixed a bug with chat keybind interrupting when typing a chat message
- dispatcher's chat scrolling fix
- computer screen station orientation fixed at Olszamowice and Pilichowice

- fixed timetable's vertical lines' behavior
- disappearing cab eqiupment fixed
- a penalty for SPAD is now displayed in the mission summary
- sounds fix for when outside the train and opening/closing doors
- raindrops following the camera fixed
- black rectangles lighting glitch fixed
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Re: Patch changelog

Messaggio da Bremen » 22/02/2023, 9:59

Mini patch - 21 febbraio 2023

Il changelog non è copiabile da steam ma non c'è niente di veramente importante.
Più che altro fix alla Traxx e questioni legate al multiplayer
You and us, or I and them
There comes a time to take a stand
The wheel is watching all, it keeps on burnin

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Re: Patch changelog

Messaggio da Bremen » 11/03/2023, 12:12

Quinta patch - 11 marzo 2023

EU07 light switches fixed
EP08 engine room decal fix
ED250 compressor emergency valve added
Traxx display buttons texture fixed
Traxx power display logic improved
EU07 can now be operated only when the battery is switched on
Simple mirror reflections option improved - now the reflections activate when driving under 25km/h


missing Power (We) signs and kilometer signs at CMK added
roads near Jaroszowiec fixed
Katowice station stair collisions fixed
National Stadium in Warsaw night colors improved
Level-crossing signs fixed and crossing infrastructure between Kozłów and Starzyny expanded
Zawiercie platform fences' collisions fixed
Warszawa Włochy information board and waiting booth fixed
Katowice platform collisions fixed
Warszawa Wschodnia flying track fixed
Parzniew surrounding scenery improvements
Warszawa Zachodnia and Warszawa Stadion object collisions fixed
A huge pothole in a road near Sędziszów finally fixed
Sosnowiec Dańdówka overpass collisions fixed
Kilometer signs near Tunel station fixed
Terrain hole near Muchowiec patched
Grass mowed from a road near Dąbrowa Górnicza Wschodnia
Cars falling from Dąbrowa Strzemieszyce bridge bug fixed
Station information displays sync corretions
Fixed a bug that caused player to fall through scenery at Warszawa Centralna
Camera movement now limited in tunnels


Signal box controlling equipment information in menu now correct
Dispatcher's telephone labels corrected
Włoszczowa Północ signal box redecorated according to feng shui
Dispatcher's chatbox text position corrected
Improvements to the system detecting dispatchers sending trains in wrong direction
Radio chat bug when using 7.1 sound system fixed
The dispatchers in Psary signal box can now use the doors
EAC-type interlock stop mode and neutral state now are displayed correctly on the domino boards
Olszamowice control screen fix
Fixed a bug allowing to kick other players from a signal box
New EDR system introduced
New button in dispatcher mode to open the schedule in a new window
Grodzisk Mazowiecki playable signal box added


The game will now remember the last "2" camera angle
Passengers won't go crazy anymore when the train they want to board disappears
The NPCs were once again reminded not to levitate or submerge into the ground
The fine for travelling behind the trains should also deter the passengers from this behavior (passengers flying behind a train bug fixed)
Warszawa Zachodnia station announcements introduced
Hungarian localistation introduced
Translation fixes in all languages
Moved vegetation growing too close to the track across the map
working direction boards and announcements for other trains

Commento: l'unica modifica interesante è l'ultima riga. Poter cambiere veletta a seconda della direzione tornerà utile in varie occasioni.
You and us, or I and them
There comes a time to take a stand
The wheel is watching all, it keeps on burnin

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Re: Patch changelog

Messaggio da Bremen » 07/04/2023, 9:16

Sesta patch - 6 aprile 2023.

Una patch senza grossi progressi.

L'erba che tendeva a scomparire ed apparire a caso su schede video AMD è stato risolto ma non c'è scritto nel log.
Ora raccolgono dei dati nei casi dei crash, ma per fortuna viene chiesto al primo avvio se si vogliono mandare tali dati.


dispatcher inactivity detection system introduced
lighting synchronisation for AI and player trains improvements
next and final station are now available in the train selection screen
chat windows should not interchange while writing a message


4E sanding light logic improvements
AI driver should be smarter now
ELF spring brake buttons now inactive with the battery off
ED250 cab door opening fixes
ET25 SHP display icon fixed
driving handle keybinds unification
cargo models added to freight trains


infrastructure fixes near Parzniew, Dąbrowa Górnicza Południowa, Warszawa Włochy, Sędziszów, Grodzisk Mazowiecki, Charsznica and Zawiercie Borowe Pole
track fixes near Warszawa Wschodnia and Katowice Zawodzie
greenery fixes near Korytów and Sławków, Gajówka and Charsznica
terrain fixes near Brwinów, Katowice, Dąbrowa Górnicza Ząbkowice and Dąbrowa Górnicza
road fixes near Włoszczowa Północ, Opoczno and Milanówek
floating buildings at Będzin fixed
car traffic in Będzin Ksawera surroundings fixed
platform display improvements
praiseworthy catenary fixes in countless map sections
bug causing catenary poles to turn red fixed
buffer stop models now have collisions (i paraurti che non paravano gli urti... utili : Chessygrin : )


new lighting setting at dispatching posts available
Dorota signal box introduced (domino panel)
Korytów signal box introduced (computer equipment)


HUD signal display improvement for signals further than 4km away
memory utilisation improvements for already passed trains
station announcement improvements
error informations are now sent automatically when the game crashes (ma viene richiesto all'avvio se si vuole farlo. Non è obbligatorio... : Builder : )
cars now stop at crossings protected by a STOP sign only
HUD should now work correctly when returning from the ESC menu
AI train loading performance improvements
You and us, or I and them
There comes a time to take a stand
The wheel is watching all, it keeps on burnin

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Re: Patch changelog

Messaggio da Bremen » 18/04/2023, 15:12

Patch che dovrebbe migliorare le prestazione... ma sempre in assenza di news del malefico editor.
Il 27 aprile uscirà una patch èer ts classic che dovrebbe renderlo più stabile. Se fosse vero e con i tipi UK è sempre un tiro di dadi... ciaone Simrail...

Settiman patch - 17 aprile 2023.


multiplayer improvements for slow HDD drives (come se le route fossero diverse per chi le usa in single....)
multiplayer time is now displayed correctly


EN76 "Koleje Mazowieckie" operator logo added
ET25 emergency brake fixed
sander and light dimmer keybinds added


Łazy ŁC - Przemiarki - Dąbrowa Górnicza Wschodnia line introduced, train numbers using this route: 412050-412098, 442001-442049
platform shader fixes - no more noise on the platform sides
scenery fixes at Korytów, Huta Katowice, Sosnowiec Kazimierz, Dorota, Olszamowice, Gajówka, Łazy, Katowice
lighting and shadow improvements at dusk and dawn


two new signal boxes added - Juliusz (domino panel) and Szeligi (computer equipment)


performance and stability optimalisations, combining numerous meshes together should result in smoother play
diagnostic data question box only shows once per game start, if the settings file is set as read only
bug causing road and signal textures to change colors fixed
cars should not be parked on top of each other
lag when loading map tiles reduced
You and us, or I and them
There comes a time to take a stand
The wheel is watching all, it keeps on burnin